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Relaxing time at SPA Centre


The DZIKI POTOK*** hotel offers relax and pleasant time in its SPA. We created a wide offer of revitalizing body treatments and facials which meet different needs.

A qualified staff and a wide offer of professional body care cosmetics await you in the DZIKI POTOK***  hotel.

Our Offer

We offer massages, face and body treatments, Hammam, beer baths and Tepidarium area to relax after treatments.

Beer Baths

Drink beer can be used not only for taste but also a great influence on the external appearance of the body.

Beer bath with tasting the beer (Price: 150 zł / 1 pers. For 2 pers. 250 zł, time 60 min.)
(infrared sauna, beer bath, relaxing)

Beer bath is a wonderful way to relax, de-stress and escape from everyday worries (the main ingredient of beer is hops having relaxing properties). Moreover, in the beer bath unblocks pores and stimulates circulation, and thus the blood supply to the skin. After bathing, skin becomes more elastic, smooth and delicate.


Hammam ritual brings the fascinating world of baths, pleasant warm, soft light and sensual body aromatów.Zapewnia renewal. Treatment with exotic ingredients, step by step gives skin radiance and refreshes the mind. Substitute for a few hours of ritual in traditional Moroccan and Turkish baths, you can feel the beauty salons.

I. The Hammam - Land of pleasure
(Price: 250 zł/1-os., 400 zł/2-os., Time: 80 min.)
First A visit to the steam bath with black soap from  Africa, which after a few minutes to rub the body apart from the feet and face. The heat warms the body and the steam opens the pores so that the soap deep cleanses the skin, also acts antibacterial, smooths, provides vitamins and moisturizes the skin.
Second Mask of Moroccan Rhassoul mud.
The stone, heated table, the whole body is imposed Moroccan mud. Rhassoul through owing to the richness of minerals nourishes, gently cleanses the body, absorbs toxins and excess sebum, firms, smoothes and shrinks pores. Moroccan mud is completely natural so it can be used by people with sensitive skin.
Third Anointing of sesame oil.
Massaged into the body of argan oil is the end of surgery. Oil moisturizes, regenerates, is against inflammatory, antiseptic and retards the aging process. Through a natural process of oil extraction and the lack of artificial colors, oil can be used for all skin types also prone to allergies.

II. Hammam - Ritual HAMMAM
(Price: 280 zł/1-os., 420 zł/2-os., Time: 80 min.)
First A visit to the steam bath with black soap from Africa, which after a few minutes to rub the body apart from the feet and face. The heat warms the body and the steam opens the pores so that the soap deep cleanses the skin, also acts antibacterial, smooths, provides vitamins and moisturizes the skin.
Second Peeling Gloves Kassa.
performed on a stone table, a rough glove, perfectly cleanses the body mechanically exfoliating the skin. This stimulates the blood circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body. Emphasis should be adjusted to glove skin sensitivity. The effect of peeling is smooth, hydrated and radiant skin.
Third Mask of Moroccan Rhassoul mud.
The stone, heated table, the whole body is imposed Moroccan mud. With a wealth of minerals Rhassoul nourishes, gently cleanses the body, absorbs toxins and excess sebum, firms, smoothes and shrinks pores. Moroccan mud is completely natural so it can be used by people with sensitive skin.
4th Anointing of sesame oil

III. Hammam - Fulfilment of desires
(Price: 250 zł/1-os., 400 zł/2-os., Time: 70 min.)
First A visit to the steam bath - warm up the body. Warm steam opens pores and softens the skin, preparing it for the next stage surgery.
Second Massage foam. Performed on a hot stone table. The body is rubbed with abundant foam. Foam deeply cleanses, removes toxins and by-products of metabolism materii.3. Anointing of sesame oil.

IV. A feast for the senses
(price: 280 zł/1-os., 420 zł/2-os., time: 80 min.)
First A visit to the steam bath + black soap, olive
Second Massage foam
Third Moroccan Mud Mask
4th Anointing of sesame oil
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Body Care

Super Line (Price: 250 zł, time 75 min.)
(Peeling, mask, "Tea and Algae", anti-cellulite massage)
Slimming and body shaping, based on micronized forms of brown algae. Reduce fat around the thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen.

Birth of Beauty (Price: 250 zł, time 75 min.)
(Peeling, algae mask combined with the spa capsule, lotion)
It combines performance modeling, demineralization and firming,forms through the use of red and brown algae. Designed for people who want to quickly get the effect of firming and smoothing skin. Mineral supplements the body's cavities.

The temptation watermelons (price 230 zł, time 75 min.)
(Peeling watermelon, watermelon mask, moisturizer and massage partial watermelon)
Treatment on the basis of the watermelon extract restores and protects the skin and maintains long-term moisture level in the deep layers of the skin. It nourishes, oxygenates and improves blood circulation stimulates the natural cleansing mechanisms-draining.

Chocolate Madness (Price: 230 zł, time 75 min.)
(Peeeling, mask, chocolate, chocolate body lotion, treatment completed a cup of hot chocolate)
Treatment based on an extract of cocoa, green tea, hibiscus, caffeine has a slimming effect. Speeds up metabolism and burn fat cells, reduces the signs of cellulite, gently moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates.

Green Paradise (price 230 zł, time 75 min.)
(Peeling, mask with green apples and green tea, lotion, treatment completed a cup of green tea or apple juice)
Treatment for all skin types, deeply moisturizes, firms, softens and smoothes the skin, protecting against free radicals, slows the aging process. With green tea extract, green apple and improves the combustion process of tissue fat.

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Oriental Massage Candles (Price: 180 zł, time: 50 min.)
Deeply relaxing massage performed using aromatic candle wax, which is transformed into a warm and sensual massage oil. A mixture of beeswax and coconut butter soothes dry skin (moisturizes and nourishes). Massage relaxes, relaxes and relaxing.

Hot Chocolate Massage (price: 150 zł, time: 45 min.)
Chocolate massage is performed on a hot dark chocolate with coconut oil for massage. Chocolate for hundreds of years is considered a source of energy and most delicious cure for grief.

Classical Massage
1) partial (price: 60 zł, time: 25 min. - Back
2) overall (price 120 zł, time: 50 min.)
Classical massage is the most popular , which depending on the form, intensity can be medicinal or stimulant. Massage alleviates pain, improves tissue nutrition, muscle regenerates, regulates muscle tension, increases flexibility and elasticity of muscles, reduce body fat, speed up metabolism, activates the flow of blood and lymph.

Relaxation Massage
1) partial (price 60 zł, time: 25 min.) - Back
2) overall (price 120 zł, time 50 min.)
Relaxation massage is a specific combination of classical massage and energizing form the basis of intuitive massage tailored to individual feelings and needs.

Hot stone massage
1). partial (price: 85 zł, time: 25 min.) - back
2). the overall price: 170 zł, time 50 minutes.
Stone massage is a combination of traditional massage techniques using hot basalt stones, heated to temperatures that suit. The treatment is especially recommended for a person exposed to stress, anxious, depressed, suffering from muscular pain origin.

Massage Samurai (Price: 120 zł, time: 50 min.)
Relaxing massage performed with bamboo sticks, which are rolled on the body. Sticks have different thickness and length, as are suited to particular techniques and body size. Relaxes and improves mood, and the body regains a feeling of incredible lightness.

Foot massage (price: 100 zł, time 45 min.)
Manual massage preceded by about 10 min. tubs.

Body Health of selected body parts (thighs, abdomen, buttocks)
(Price: 60 zł, treatment time: 25 min.)
Drainage massage, which aids fat burning and fight cellulite.

Body Health of selected body parts (thighs, abdomen, buttocks) with a mask of algae
(Price: 150 zł, time: 75 min.)

Massage "Wild Stream" (Price: 180 zł, treatment time: 80 min.)
Massage authors. The combination of different techniques and types of massage.

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Face Care

Hydrating Treatment (TeN cosmetics) (Price: 190 zł, time: 60 min.)
Moisturizing treatment for all skin types, even the most delicate and sensitive skin.

Antiaging treatment (
TeN cosmetics) (Price: 240 zł, time: 60 min.)
Energizing anti-aging treatment. Reconstructing treatment for the skin, which can be seen mikrozmarszczki and signs of fatigue. Recommended for all skin types.

LIFTING treatment (TeN cosmetics) (Price: 240 zł, time: 60 min.)
Lifting Treatment - shaping facial contours for mature skin with signs of aging.

Treatment FILLER (TeN Cosmetics) (Price: 290 zł, time: 60 min.)
The treatment of facial wrinkles filling effect. Restores facial architecture.

Moisturizing treatment (Thalion) (Price: 150 zł, time: 50 min.)
This is a natural treasure of moisturizing compounds derived from marine algae Laminaria Ditata and natural sea water Thalasso Oligo. These ingredients protect the skin against excessive moisture loss, strengthen the hydro-lipid barrier, increase the tolerance of the skin.

Nourishing (Thalion) (Price: 150 zł, time: 50 min.)
Strengthening treatment for dry skin, poor lipid, sensitive. It combines regenerating and revitalizing properties of marine extracts. Perfect works during autumn and winter cold weather slot, when the skin is exposed to adverse external effects of weathering. Treatment replenishes essential fatty acids (essential, unsaturated fatty acids), improves the binding of water in the skin, increases skin elasticity and softness.

Cleansing treatment (Thalion) (Price: 150 zł, time: 50min.)
The treatment is based on purifying and antibacterial properties of red algae, phytoplankton and marine mud. Sebosomy as carriers algo abundant complexes with anti-inflammatory plant regulate the excessive production of sebum, mats, moisturize and antibacterial

Firming (Thalion) (price: 150, time: 50 min.)
Firming flabby parts of the face, containing a unique complex Algolift, restoring youthful cell aging characteristics. A combination of enzymes, algae Ulva Luctuca that prevent processes of elastin and collagen, and spirulina algae rich in vegetable proteins vitamins and iron.

Banquet treatment (talon) (Price: 210 zł, time: 50 min.)
Absolute Lift procedure is a rapid lift and immediate improvement in skin appearance and condition of mature skin. Based on a unique firming complexes, obtained from green algae and Ulva Lactuca Palmira palmata, which prevent the degradation of collagen-elastin fibers. Models and raises the oval face.

Microdermabrasion with algae mask or moisturizer (Price: 150 zł, time: 45 min.)
Microdermabrasion, also called mikropeelingiem controlled, is one of many methods of mechanical peeling of the skin. This modern technique is to wear the skin, layer by layer, until the desired level. The operation is performed using your Body Healt of diamond pad, so that gradually, gently rubbed are dead cells and impurities.

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Other Treatments

Goat milk - Cleopatra bath (Price: 150 zł, time: 50 min.)
(Bathing in milk, relaxing massage)
Milk-sera cosmetic valued in antiquity. It is well tolerated by the skin. Abounds with such in amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins A, D, C, PP, B2, B12, and trace elements, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium. Increases flexibility and smoothness of the skin, regenerates, moisturizes and rejuvenates, soothes.

A drop of the ocean or Orange (Price: 150 zł, time: 50 min.)
(Bathing, massage)
Download, based on the ball to dip Organiqa. The unique recipe for bath powder containing natural starch and oils: Avocado and Soy makes the skin after the bath remains moisturized, nourished, silky smooth and fragrant.
Bath recommended for all skin types, especially dry, fragile and in need of nutrition and flexibility. Intensive work aromatherapy scents, soothe your senses, improve mood and alleviate symptoms of fatigue.

Beautiful hands (price: 60 zł, time: 30 min.)
(Peeling, mask, cream)
Regenerating and moisturizing to the skin for the hands, which is often dry, red, rough. The treatment also nourishes, strengthens and regenerates the nail plate. Hands are soft, moist and resistant to adverse environmental factors.

Beautiful feet (Price: 100 zł, time 45 min.)
(Hydro-massage, scrub, mask, cream)
It's refreshing for tired feet. Ideal cleanses and nourishes dry skin, feet, smoothes hardened skin and relaxes.
The treatment includes: hydro-massage, scrub, wrap, and moisturizer. The whole procedure is based on cosmetics, whose main ingredient is green tea.

Paraffin on hands (price 40 zł, time 25 min.)
Instantly smoothes, tones and moisturises your hands, put the desiccated hand, limp and dull.

Spa Capsule (price 80 zł, time: 25 min.)
The device combines many elements that cause deep relaxation and renewal of the body: steam sauna, infrared sauna, massage, Vichy shower, color therapy, vibration massage. Screening in the capsule include: detoxification, improving blood circulation, support of weight loss and cellulite reduction. Capsule significantly enhances the absorption of cosmetics used in okładach on the body.

Vichy Shower (price: 80 minutes, time: 25 min.)
Massage of water, which causes the improvement of blood circulation within the skin. Shower effect on the skin as a cleansing and toning. It is a great way to relax and unwind.

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Men\'s World


Oxygenating treatment (price 150 zł, time 50 min.)
A modern system of male care of connecting long-lasting moisturization with expansion in the protective functions of the skin and improve firmness. Eliminates signs of fatigue and stress, restores vitality and healthy look. Maximum life-giving power derives from a relaxing massage of the face, stimulates the senses with fresh scent.

Optimal hydration (price 150 zł, time 50 min.)
Deep moisture treatment of mitigating the effects of minor irritations and mechanical damage after shaving, also perfect for hot summer days for male skin from 25 years of age.

Optimal regeneration (price 150 zł, time 45 min.)
Restorative treatment for male skin with a tendency to form wrinkles. This is a response to stress, pollution, UV radiation, the main factors that weaken the skin's defense mechanisms.


Defeat Stress (Price: 200 zł, time 60 min.)
(Cleansing, warming mask, relaxing massage)
This treatment combines natural ingredients - sea mud, which stimulates cellular metabolism, which improves circulation and detoxify the body - and the broad characteristics of thermoregulation. The treatment used topically warms up specific parts of the body, causing relaxation, relieve tension and relax.

Total Relaxation  (Price: 200 zł, time: 60 min.)
(Cleansing, relaxing massage, warming mask, moisturizer)
This procedure is based cosmetics with natural ingredients that stimulate cellular metabolism, improve circulation and cleanse the body. The procedure used for some warm parts of the body, acting in a soothing effect on pains of muscle origin. This allows the client after the surgery I feel relieved and calm.

Men's Expedition (Price: 250 zł, time: 75 min.)
(Vichy shower, cotton cocoon mask, massage bamboo)
The treatment starts with massage water jets, which improves blood circulation in the skin. Relaxes, relaxes and prepares the body for further treatment.
Mask with Cotton and Jasmine improves skin nourishing and moisturizing it, and bamboo massage completes the relaxation and comfort.

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